4 Reasons to Leverage Drupal for Your Developer Portal

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by Madison Huntley|Marketing Coordinator


If you find yourself needing more than a quick start, light-weight developer portal, you should be looking to leverage Drupal architecture for your developer portal build. Drupal provides a reliable open-source, enterprise-level CMS in which you can extend and contribute to the Drupal portal development framework, and leverage the knowledge of the Drupal community. Due to integrations, brand alignment, product documentation, and user management, Achieve thinks Drupal should be used to give your developer portal the competitive edge it is going to need in today’s technology driven world.


1. Integration 

Drupal’s integration features are a top priority for enterprise-level solutions. To start, Drupal  integrates easily with third party systems and platforms. A great example of that would Access Management, many companies today use systems like Okta, a cloud-based SSO platform that allows users to enter one name and password to access multiple applications, which in turn, lessens the chance of a security breach. SSO integrations directly correlate to a more positive user experience, allowing your users to manage less passwords and access all of their applications easily, expediting access to other needed systems and resources. 

As you build more APIs in efforts to expose them to the public, integrations are imperative for any monetization efforts. Application Programming Interfaces have the potential to dramatically improve a companies revenue in todays digital world. For example, an article from Harvard Business Review states Expedia generates 90% of its revenue from their APIs. Drupal-based developer portals have the ability to integrate with companies like Paypal and Stripe allowing you to monetize your available APIs.


2. Brand Alignment 

Drupal’s enhanced features allow you to go above and beyond a “common use case” developer portal. A lot of enterprise companies aren’t aware they are going to need a more personalized, branded developer portal as they look to expand their APIs. A developer portals that leverages Drupal’s features, allow you to easily format your options for content and allow the flexibility for you to decide to add in as little or as much marketing as you want depending on your audience. Many portals include enhanced product pages, videos, code examples, Try It Now features, dashboards, the list is endless. 

A launch that exposes a subset of your available content, encourages conversions and an overall positive user experience, it gives users the ability to learn more about your key values, product offerings, partnerships, and developer communities. A skilled developers, Drupal admin and or anyone else with the right skills and set permissions, can do anything from customize the entire interface to add marketing content, giving you complete control over the engagement and experience. For instance, a forums and or blog page, custom registration flows, and page templates for content creation, are all examples of attributes that are not available with a light-weight developer portal. Each of these features contributes to a greater user experience and in turn, a higher API adoption rate.


3. Product Documentation 

Solid product documentation can be a make or break the intended goal of your developer portal. If you’re looking to expose your APIs, superior product documentation gives your users a quick idea of how they might use your offerings, and the possibilities they could achieve with them. With Drupal, you are able to create and customize new documentation pages such as documentation landing pages, an API landing pages, and resources landing pages. This user-friendly navigation and documentation lets your users know efficiently the methods for the API they might be interested in, see the technical documentation for your API products, and even allow users to try out your APIs before using them in their applications. 

We spoke with Kevin Park, customer engineer at Apigee, who told us, “The key (for your developer portal) is to have the entire API catalog at your fingertips, a way for developers to easily find out what is offered by your company in terms of API utilization.” You don’t want to force context switches and make developers open multiple tabs and search between windows. Drupal’s capability allows you to see all of your offerings and their supporting documentation from one easy-to-use interface.


4. User Management

While a lot of straight-forward developer portals have role based access control, they can’t extend beyond that of a pre configured module. Leveraging the power of Drupal can give you a much more granular level of control over all aspects of your developer portal including user access to Apigee, creation of proxies, accessing of APIs and product bundle sets. Because of this, you are truly able to manage your users and build greater experiences that are demanded by enterprise level solutions. With Drupal, you can extend user management beyond simple role-based access control constraints. For example, group management is a framework in which you’re able to manage users by groups and control each of their access to content, products, and documentation.


Why Drupal

Ultimately, Drupal has a number of advantages if you require more than just a simple document site to present your API program and are looking for an enterprise-level CMS solution. For over a decade Drupal has been the best choice for complex, content heavy, and high traffic websites, as well as those with large resource libraries and databases, much like a developer portal. With over a million developers, designers, security experts and marketers contributing to Drupal every day, the platform continues to be the smart choice in today’s digital world. 

Achieve has been a long standing premier partner of Apigee, and have built a multitude of enterprise Developer Portals on Drupal. We understand the end to end needs of organization looking to grow and scale a successful API program. If you would like to learn more about Drupal Dev Portals,  feel free to reach out to speak to one of the team members about how Drupal and your developer portal can accelerate your digital transformation.


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